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Building skills, watch a topic video, become a Member, search keywords in the Forum.

Go to a Community Event On-line, Take a Course, Take Several, Earn a Certificate.

Whatever direction your need for know-how takes you,

Polymer eClub has a way to help you grow.

Improving your Polymer Skills now will add Value to your Career

You have been trained in design, structures, assemblies, CAD, FEA, even Lean. Polymers are critical to improving the performance of products, due to their light weight, corrosion resistance, net shape and low energy manufacturing, and virtually limitless array of colors and finishes. With skills in polymers, you can improve your products and build confidence and success.

Polymer Success After Employment MasterMind Classes

Feel envious of those successful STEM engineers at your Consumer Goods company?

Your Technical Degree transitioned into Employment where you realized a strong Polymer Science Acumen is part of your Job Function.

Some have it and are Most Successful and You Want That Knowledge to bring Job Success, Job Security, and a Well-Deserved Promotion.

PeC bridges the gap between Academics and real world Product Development

for Engineers and Scientists who Lack Polymer Skills.

Our courses promise to enlighten:

That's Workin' Knowledge

Knowledge, Confidence, Innovation, Troubleshooting.

You will Receive the Polymer Breadth to compliment your STEM Depth.

Polymer Breadth from Polymer Applications Knowledge.

You will Head back to Work with Confidence and have a new found love for

Polymer Science based Product Development of Consumer Goods for STEM Engineers

Polymer Applications Course Outline

Wk 1 - Polymers

Wk 2 - Plastics

Wk 3 - Elastomers

Wk 4 - Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPEs)

Wk 5 - Processing

Wk 6 - Design

Wk 7 - Testing

Wk 8 - Thermoset Plastics (TSPs)

Our Courses Offer ...

  • Live with PeC Instructors

  • Online Courses - no travel required

  • Recorded Sessions

  • 1 hour webinars / once per week / 6 - 8 weeks total

  • eBook included

  • eSlides (pdf) included

  • Weekly Coaching Sessions includes active learning

  • Online Weekly Quizzes

  • Weekly Course Progress - QER Score

  • Course Completion Certificate

Next Level Courses

  • Rigid Polymers

  • Sustainable Polymers

  • Flexible Polymers

  • Polymer Processing

  • Design for Injection Molding

  • Polymer Testing


You owe it to yourself and your career to invest in yourself!

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