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  • 33+ years OEM Product Development

  • Run IT Company Global Polymers Program

  • Advisors Board Two Large Corporations

  • Teaching Faculty at 3 Major Universities

  • Strong Polymer Materials & Testing Skills

  • Plastics and Elastomer Procurement

  • Strong Polymer Processing Background

  • 6 Patents, 6 Trade Secrets

  • 30+ years Sustainability Wins

  • Polymer Entrepreneur

  • PhD Polymer Science

  • 34+ year OEM Product Development

  • Product Innovator

  • Material Troubleshooter

  • University Instructor

  • Process and Design Improver

  • Accomplishing with Polymers what others haven't imagined

  • Gifted Presenter and Speaker

  • 12 Patents, multiple Trade Secrets

  • Polymer Entrepreneur

  • MEng Chemical Engineering

Polymer eClub adds Polymer Skills to Your Career

Polymer eClub We help you answer the question,

"What Do You Need to Know?"

Our mission: Help product design and processing professionals add polymer know-how to their careers -- Fast

Polymer eClub is a community of polymer-knowledgeable product and process practitioners and learners building polymer skills through interaction and training. Learn by video, become a member, gain important insights into key concepts, meet with experts, and do long format video learning. Take a course, or a series of courses, gain a certification -- Add polymer skills to your career.

I definitely didn't get here overnight though.

In fact, quite the opposite...

Contrary to popular belief, Polymers are not cheap or easy to use--they require special skills to design with them.

They have limitations in strength, toughness, and temperature tolerance, but they can save weight, corrosion, energy, even allow net shape manufacturing and a virtually limitless array of textures, tactile feel, color, and finish, but you don't know that if you don't know polymers.

Join our community for a journey into polymer skills improvement.

Polymers are used in a nearly limitless array of products. Learn about how you can make products and processes better.

What's more, we approach entering into the professional world differently than most by focusing on concepts through fast paced, video learning.

Video learning is convenient, happens when you choose, you can cover a wide variety of topics on your terms. You decide.

It doesn't matter if you know a little or a lot,

we can improve your polymer know-how

together as a community.

From our earliest existence, those of like interests formed voluntary, social groups to cooperate in the development of industry, technology, and commerce--to benefit everyone by allowing those with skills to improve and develop their know-how.

Everyone can learn some and many can learn faster together, interacting, sharing ideas, clarifying concepts.


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Care for even more opportunity?

Here are a few fun facts…

I just got asked to look at a problem others have struggled to address - and its plastic.

Great, you've been identified as a resource for a key improvement but don't know where to start. Watch a short video on the topic to learn key ideas about the materials, processing, design, and testing. There is also great sustainability info. Search some of these keywords and begin finding answers.

Watch more in-depth videos by becoming a member. Join a member forum and ask experts. Seek advice and improve your search for answers.

Grab a consultant from our community to help cut through the complexity to focus on what to improve and where to get answers.

Sign up for our course, live or video recorded, with content, eBook, quizzes, and coaching hours to help measure progress and earn a certificate.

Not to give you whiplash and get all "serious" all of a sudden, but search previous answers in the community forum, too

The Polymer eClub Forum is a community message board where questions can be seen by the members and answers shared.

Not only can you learn new terms, materials and processes, but you can share what you have learned and build a network to help solve issues.

Being part of a community of professionals with similar interests will help you find knowledgeable help and improve your results.

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