Private Coaching 1:1

If there is something specific you need to learn, examine, understand, or fix.

PeC can help with a

Personalized Polymer Growth Program.

Corporate Coaching

PeC can also help a group, department, or division build polymer skills or learn to solve problems. We have 3, 4, 5 day offering online or at your facility.

Coaching Brings Action

Because you want

Polymer Success After Employment

The real reason this will propel you in your career is ....

Knowledge of polymers adds depth to your products and designs. They aren't like other materials, and you can learn how with a community of like-minded achievers

Why early career engineers need polymer skills

A broader skill set satisfies a bigger need and brings bigger success. What do you need to know?

  • Coaching from Polymer eClub Brings Polymer Skills You Need

  • Being able to focus on creation and/or delivery: Products containing polymers are very common and so are the improvement needs, but you can't fill these needs, if you don't know polymers. Polymer eClub can help, by customizing training, lending a hand 1-on-1, or helping to develop strategies.

  • Finally increasing your income: Polymer skills can help you find opportunities to reduce cost and increase quality, change the game in product performance, and improve competitiveness.

  • Building opportunities: You can attack a broader array of design challenges, if you have polymer skills and they can be rented or built in-house.

Contrary to what you believe, your education may not have prepared you for ...

The complexity of product design challenges are made larger when polymers are added, but major performance advantages await as well, when you have polymer skills, you can attack those challenges and win.

You are just a course away from bridging the gap between college and career helping you attain greater confidence and success

1:1 Custom Coaching


  • Personalized Polymer Growth Program

  • Hand Selected Training Tailored for YOU and your Job Function - Deliverable Outcomes!

  • Live with PeC Instructors - Weekly Coaching Sessions includes active learning - 5 weeks total

  • MasterMind Teaching Videos (10) recommended

  • That's Working' Knowledge Videos (20) recommended

  • Problem Solving at your Work

  • Online Weekly Quizzes

  • Weekly Course Progress - QER Score

  • Course Completion Certificate

Shall we build your Portfolio?

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After Your 1:1 Coaching with PeC

You Will be Proficient in ...

All those specific aspects of Polymer Science that are required for your job success.


3, 4, 5 Day COACHING

  • 3 Day Corporate Immersion

18 hours total (6 teaching hours per day) + more*

  • 4 Day Corporate Intensive

24 hours total (6 teaching hours per day) + more*

  • 5 Day Corporate Intensive

30 hours total (6 teaching hours per day) + more*

Live with PeC Instructors - Online or at your facility*

Consulting and Problem Solving for your company*

End of day wrap-up and social hour*

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Your Business Will Benefit From Our Coaching Seminars in the Following ways:

  • Improve In-House Skills

  • More Rigorous Design Approach

  • Material Selection and Improvement with Purpose

  • Design, Molding, and Tooling Improvement

  • Best-in-Class Products with a Strong Emphasis on Polymer Mastery

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